Bridging Therapists FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Bridging Therapists?

We’d love to have you, we are a community for licensed mental health professionals, pre-licensed professionals, coaches, undergraduate, and graduate students. You’ll be asked to provide your information during registration.

What makes you different from other counseling/coaching associations?

We screen every member that enters the community to ensure that everyone is a qualified mental health professional, coach, or student. We allow professionals to offer scheduled appointments for connection for learning, consulting, and supervisions purpose. Members can advertise exclusive trainings, seminars, consults, blogs, and have control of networking in a more personable way.

Are you for USA clinicians only?

Absolutely not! We’re a community that brings together mental health clinicians and coaches across the world to share experiences and expertise.

How long should I enroll in this membership?

As long as you want! There is no time limit. Start the free trail to see if this woks for your business and educational needs. If you decide to become a member, you may cancel at anytime, by sending an email or canceling online.

What do the site offer?

This sites is a directory that allows you to personally connect with other professionals clinicians who are offering professional services such as consultations, supervision, referrals, training. You are able to set appointments with the professionals to obtain your business or educational need.

May I advertise on this site?

Yes, looking for another avenue to advertise your business. We allow your own profile showing your available workshops, trainings, and blogs. We also highlight the updated educational resources on the site which is great advertisement.

How do you connect me with the right professional therapist or coach for learning?

Bridging Therapists uses a careful matching process to ensure you are paired with the most compatible fit. We consider:

  • Logistical factors like location and availability
  • Expertise (ensuring that a professional specializes in the field of study
  • We allow you to book appointments using Calendly with the connections found